What unit does AxesViewer "ScaleLines" use?

So i am currently integrating babylon.js into my own application, so i can not re-produce it in the sandbox or idk how to get the files into a shareable sandbox. Currently i only can import .babylon files. But basically i’m not doing much.

I have build three arrows for my coordinate system with the AxesViewer. I set the length of the Axes to 80.

Then i made an cube (10x10mm) with one hole half-way through. I only could export it as .glTF. Then i uploaded it to the sandbox (everything fine) and then exported it as .babylon file.

Now i imported that file into my application with the AxesViewer. But now the Cube ist like 100 times smaller than the Axes. I thougth the Axes would be in mm too or in cm. Ok maybe they are just bigger i thougth.

But a friend who does other stuff with babylon tzold me his loaded files are also in mm and everything seems fine with the scaling and 10mm modells are 1/10 of his 100 (ScaleLine) Axes.

Any ideas what’s wrong with my Axes or what unit is uses. Or is the conversion through the sandbox wrong? Where can i convert .gltF to .babylon correctly?

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Babylon, and most 3D engines, don’t define sizes in terms of physical units, exactly because each user has different needs. So one user might define that 1 unit in Babylon corresponds to 1 physical meter, and another one might define that the same 1 unit corresponds to 1 millimeter. The tricky part is that you have to be aware of what your model uses, since one model might come from a tool that uses the 1 unit = 1m conversion, while another might come from another tool that uses the 1 unit = 1mm.

If you can share your model and AxesViewer setup on a Playground (check this doc page for more instructions Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)) we can take a deeper look :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks for that link. I made a playground with my scene: Babylon.js Playground

So now you can see. The imported meshes are a box (10x10mm) but they are way smaller than the axes from the AxesViewer with ScaleLine = 1. Idk why. Also if i scale the imported meshes to unitCube (Codeline 24/25) then it appears bigger, but still not the size of one length of the AxesViewer, so i’m confused how the AxesViewer defines it’s axes length.

Seems like sceneLength = 1 is like 1m of my CAD-Model. So 0.001 = 1mm