Why can't I see the shadow of the sphere on the ground?

I have this PG:


Rays can see the sphere, shadows are enabled, so why don’t I see sphere shadow on ground?

Does it exist a better method to check if a point on ground is in shadow or not?

I can see the shadow in your PG example.

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Not sure why, but this is the scene you have shared on my devices (tested on edge, chrome and android-chrome)

This is funny, it works for me too, on a different PC!

so now it is very interesting to know what OS and browser you were using where it didn’t work

This morning it works also on the previous PC. Probably my multiple tests and experiments messed up chrome, and a fresh start fixed the issue.

Now, the (almost) working version:

The script calculates how long a tile is in shadow along the whole loop, but it is extremely slow!
Can I use any native method to know which points of the ground are hit by shadow at a specific moment?

Could you share what you are trying to achieve ?

I opened a specific thread:

Current status:

It works, but considering that I should do the calculation for 365 turns of the sphere (which represents the sun), it is very very slow.

Why not using Babylon Shadow Generator ?

because I need to examine the shadow point by point, to count how long an area stays in shadow and how long in light.