Why did some instances disappear when the master mesh doesn't apply 'setEnabled(false)'?

I found this strange phenomenon when I use instance to create some identical walls and channels.
If I set ‘setEnabled(false)’ on the master mesh the scene is shown below:

But if I don’t do this,the channels disappeared when other elements don’t!

(On the left of the scene are the master meshes.)
I create those different elements in the same way by this file,I wonder why only the channel type take place this change?
The scene can be found on this page,and the version of my Babylon.js is ‘Babylon.js v4.1.0 - WebGL2 - Parallel shader compilation’
Thank you.

Have you tried to call setEnabled(false); setEnabled(true); to see if the problem comes from just not calling setEnabled or if it is the false parameter which makes it work? Also, are you able to test with 4.2 in case there was a bug in 4.1?

I think we will need a repro to be able to go further.

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I have tried to call setEnabled(true) with 4.2 version a moment ago.It has the same performance as not calling setEnabled with the 4.1 version(the channels disappeared).Maybe it’s a bug in 4.2?
The detailed running version is ‘Babylon.js v4.2.0 - WebGL2 - Parallel shader compilation’.

We will definitely need a repro to help further.

OK.Shall I send the source coed files to you?Or maybe you can get the code from the github page?I wirte it by original es5 JavaScript,and I haven’t do any compiling.

If possible, that would be best to make a repro in https://playground.babylonjs.com/

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