Why is editor.babylonjs.com not an official part of babylon?


Very new to babylon, been learning it to use it as an alternative to spline and I just found this on the discord server (Babylon.js), because I’m not really a forum kind of guy. But I noticed that the server was unofficial and for this site (editor.babylonjs.com) its showing a “not secure” type of error. I’m curious as to why this isn’t an official part of babylon, it looks very promising. It’s really cool to know that there was this thing even before spline (perfect for a 3d artists)

Hi @Jan_Karl and welcome to the community. Our community is very friendly and the forum provides a wealth of information alongside the documentation. For example searching ‘editor’ in the forum search bar will show you the development of the editor.

It depends on how official is official. The source code is not directly maintained by the core team but by a community member @julien-moreau but you will find it as a repository on the official babylonjs github and under the extensions in the documentation.

I do not know why it is not on a secure url, we will need to ask @julien-moreau.