Why is my playground broken?


This morning I was working fine on my playground:


now it freezes when you click. Any answers to why would be great.

Okay, after working for a bit, it’s an issue with the pewpistol and pewauto functions. They working fine this morning.


:slight_smile: Did the ‘popped’ variable exist when it was working fine this morning?

See PG #42 line 7.

Are you doing proper troubleshooting - b4 - posting? (ahem)

(Console was reporting ‘popped’ undefined. I realize that you are without console for some of your day… so… I guess you can still have brownies and koolaid.) :slight_smile:

I bet Givo is on a bus right now. Transient. I remember school buses… 35-45 miles each way… sometimes road-surface pot-holes SO DEEP… half the bus fell-in. No seat belts. Kids flying all over inside the “box-o-seats-made-from-pipes”. Chipped teeth, bruised bones, bonked heads, crushed lunchboxes… but we had one of the TOUGHEST hockey teams EVER! :slight_smile:


Thanks Wingnut.
Yes, it was there and working fine this morning.

Actually, I’m without a console for all of my day except weekends and fridays, as a parent of mine is kinda strict about computer usage. When I am on my computer, I have been playing CS:GO a lot recently. Just look at my history: Steam Community :: Givo

Also, I am the lead programmer on my school’s robotics team. We have a competition this weekend. We are practicing tomorrow and playing friday and saturday. Feel free to watch here: Seven Rivers Regional (2019) - The Blue Alliance Look out for team 3090! They should be streaming friday and saturday but I’m not sure about tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!

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Been there, sorry. Not just computers, for me. Bicycle usage, music-listening, homework-force, freedom-to-be-somewhere-else, LOTS of my enjoyments were strictly rationed or used as weaponry. I spent most of my childhood getting ordered-around, or getting grounded to room or yard, or placed in-the-corner for many many hours. Trying to have a say… was considered “lip” or “talking back” and was met with a slap up-side the head, or other good fun.

I was punished-for/belittled-over struggling with Algebra, and since my father refused to buy me car or motorcycle insurance without “good student discount”… he also rationed (eliminated) my social life/dating… due to repeated D’s and F’s in math subjects (love them caste-like “gradings”). Dating/visiting friends… when living in deep forest lands… is nearly impossible without a vehicle of some kind. I had a go-cart. It was my best friend and escape partner, but its gas-can was carefully rationed and I was often grounded-off-it… for punishment of some kind. Mobility denial/rationing == imprisonment. Good fun (a nightmare).

The father-son wars eventually got me forced-into the military or reform school (My choice. What a WIDE range of choices, eh? Marching-to-orders school, or marching-to-orders school). I chose the military, because “earning my keep thru orders-following” would make my father happier. I wasn’t damaging his money coffers anymore, which is what caused much of his anger. He was VERY afraid-of (terrorized-by) “not making ends meet”… justifiably so. My father’s “job” didn’t pay very much in the remote woods of northern Wisconsin.

Although that style of parenting is slowly leaving (it happens mostly in monetary-struggling families), it is still a continued practice in the USA and far from forgotten. Around this area of the USA (Beerville)… mix-in alcoholism with the strict (and sometimes angry) parent… and you have child abuse (and spousal abuse) galore. Few want to think/talk about that… even though it is widespread. Yay USA.

How’s that for a purse-dump? :slight_smile:

Good luck on your competition! Try to get them to change it to a “cooperation” next year… less losers. Losing, or being well-labeled as a loser, is not mentally healthy for anyone, in my opinion. I hope you get to eventually prove yourself worthy of less strictness/rules (gain non-loser status). You can quote this to your strict parent(s):

“Givo is doing more than just playing games on his/her computer. Givo is also learning 3D, which is a marvelous technology that should serve Givo wonderfully, in many future avenues. Along with this 3D, comes learning of Math, JS, HTML, CSS, social skills, multi-culturalism, lots more… all of which are leading-edge ‘essentials’. Givo is quite astute in these subjects, and is progressing at a high rate.”

Read that to your parent(s). It’s truth… imho.

(like I have any credentials worthy-of convincing your parents that my words have credence.) :smiley:

I better get back-onto BJS subjects. :slight_smile:

How 'bout that stencil buffer, eh? Ain’t that just something? (Wingy glances-around cautiously.)

I’m still standing in the corner… in many ways. My go-cart has been denied gas for 45 years, and I haven’t seen it since I waved goodbye on the bus ride to USAF basic training. (sniff) :slight_smile: It had a stretched chassis (adult-sized)… so my parents likely rode it around for a while, and then sold it… to get more money. I’d drive 1000 miles right now… to find it… at whatever junk pile it now resides-within, and thank it with a kiss… for the MANY escapes it helped me accomplish.

[picture/link deleted]


Why that image? here? on public forums?

in head “Good thing Ryka hasn’t finished the website yet. Then everyone could find me.”

I found that image/link… from links on the Seven Rivers website (plus a little extra legwork). Want me to delete it? No probs. Your call.

You can if you want. If Ryka (another person on the tech nest) had the website published (she’s making our website) then it would be real easy to find me. I kinda feel like it is a tad unrelated.

I wonder if there is a way to transfer these posts onto a pm.

Link/picture deleted. I didn’t know you wished to “not be found”. Sorry about that. I hope my other words didn’t inconvenience you or clutter your solved thread. I’ll delete those or move them to TWC if you wish… not a problem. I can remove the quote from you, too.

You have/make the say/choice/decision, but I don’t really like PM’s. I prefer transparency.

Most prefer that I ONLY talk about the BabylonJS Inc factory, and NOT about the people of Lake Babylon, anyway. You might as well climb aboard the topic police dept, too - it’s “trending”. In the last 2 months, I think I have PERSONALLY caused the LBPD to triple in size. Yay me!

I’ll delete the paragraph of nice things I said about you, too, if that would make you happier. Your call, your decision.

It’s fine. I shouldn’t be worrying about since I have a competition today. and tomorrow. Maybe we’ll make it to nationals.

Good luck, my acquaintance/friend. If I may make a suggestion: If you win, try to include the losers in your celebrations and congratulations. If you lose, try to be happy for the winners and assist in their celebrating. “They” are good people, just like you and the other “us” on your your your team, of course. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, let’s watch Givo get ready for school. Givo is really sleepy, yet, and has decided to WEAR his/her Eggo waffles, and to eat his/her underwear (with butter and syrup, of course). :smiley:

Are you thinking about 3D modeling your team’s robot(s)? That would be very cool.

I missed school yesterday and now I’m gonna today! :upside_down_face:

Our team only goes to one competition, and other teams go to more since they have more money. (that’s not to say that my team is broke) Last year a team had already made it to nationals but helped 2 other teams make it too. That was kinda cool.

Our robot has a 3d modeled part, our lift system, but I don’t think everything else is too.

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Yeah, money-discrimination sucks big-time. Sorry that you guys got boxed-out of more competitions due to lack of funds. I know all about that monetary-discrim stuff. (ahem)

SO, the parts of the robot that ARE modeled (the lift system)… are they in BJS form, yet? Can we have them be that way (someday)? Maybe we could make the servos and actuators “actually” operate, with JS? Maybe put the remote control at the bottom of the screen… in BJS GUI? Perhaps your summer job?

It sounds like your robots are “modular”… like the international space station robot arm. The station is ONE robot, and each arm joint is ONE robot, and the “end effector” tool… is yet another robot… all attached together and co-operating.

It sounds to me… like your lift system is a tool/end-effector… that is attached to another robot… possibly a transport robot. I’m pretty nosey, eh? I like robots, and am HIGHLY interested in heavy equipment robots like farming/logging equipment, road-construction machines, and circus wagons/calliopes.

Left-over reminiscing about building go-cart trails through the woods, I suppose. :smiley: It all starts with a deer trail full of deer-bean piles, and turns into a go-cart interstate highway, from there. :slight_smile:

“Loggin’ loggin’ loggin’, bridges cross the boggin’, keep them go-carts goggin’… Rawhide!”

That song is probably “before your time”. TV show… Rawhide. Excellent theme song. Later, another version got popular (starts at 1-minute time-code).

Ride 'em, cowboy! Yee ha! :slight_smile: (cheapy-) Go-carts don’t have suspensions, so it’s like riding in a school bus… chipped-tooth festival, esp across exposed tree roots protruding-from the go-cart interstate hwy. heh. I learned to weld go-cart frames VERY EARLY in life.

Just incase if you didn’t see any matches, and wanted too, I felt like I needed to do this:

OMG, this is SO COOL! THANKS G!!! I didn’t get to watch, live… so… I needed these links!

Excellent! LaCrosse… I love that town! Home of Old Style Beer, the prefered beer of my teen-age stupidities involving such. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, G-whiz! Are you back at it today, again? Did you spend last night in LaCrosse? I have SO many questions! :slight_smile:

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Winona is ~30 min away, so I didn’t stay overnight. Today there are qual matches 65-90, and then the tournament.

How it works is that the ranking points help determine your seed, and the top 8 seeds pick 2 other teams for their alliance. Then it is a tournament and the alliance that wins has the teams in it go to nationals. The ranking points are averaged, so if I lose a match it hurts our place.
Right now I am 20th seed.

The only bummer about LaCrosse beer is that it smells like egg in the morning.

Oh, and we have 3 matches today, so ctrl+f the page and look up 3090 to find my other three.

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I have to leave soon, so I can make it in time.

If you’re wondering, I’m not on the drive team.

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haha. Why… yes it does. :slight_smile: Beer-stench.

There use-to-be some paper mills around those areas, too… maybe more up-by Steven’s Point and Wausau. They (use-to) have a sweet aroma, too. I bet you have enjoyed that smell too, at times.

Just out of curiosity… have you ever been-to House On The Rock in the Spring Green area? I’m going to custodian that place someday… I absolutely LOVE it. I want to digitize all the automatons. Most of them still run-on air-tubes and air-valve cam-drums, and air-operated servos/actuators. Wanna help me digitize it… make it all run on SysEx bytes (actuator directives) that happen “within” MIDI songs?

We’ll talk. You just go kick butt on those 10 qualifying sessions, and we’ll see you in the finals tourny… hopefully. Thanks for explaining how the tourny works.

no problem. I gotta go.

Ok… here we are with an update from the Seven Rivers Regional robotics competition… and the action is fast and furious. Our BJS/Winona-sponsored team… 3090 RamHawks (as a member of the Blue Alliance)… easily won in Quals 89. Smokin’!

Back at headquarters… we can see that… unfortunately… nobody chose the 3090 RamHawks to alliance-with, for the quarter finals. So it appears that Team 3090 RamHawks… can take a moment to woof some pizza, and figure out who to cheer-for… in the quarter final match-ups.

For the alliances who DID make the quarter-finals… image is everything. Scrub-up your robot with some spray cleaner… shine it up between matches… clean-up your robot-poop piles (and wipe, eh?).

The more presentable your alliance, the more chance that now-pizza-filled 3090 RamHawks… will cheer for your alliance. These q-final participants KNOW that cheering can make all the difference… in tight matches. :slight_smile:

Congrats to the 3090 RamHawks for a battle well-fought and a mission accomplished. Ya got the team to the battleground, and ya made a real fine showing… got some good work done… helped form some alliances for others who now have a chance to advance. Yay RamHawks!!! There’ll be dancing in the streets of Winona Minnesota tonight, FOR SURE! :slight_smile:

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It was kinda a bummer that nobody picked us. We finished 17th, with a 7-3-0 record. One team who was ranked 41st was picked, but that could be because their qual alliance partners weren’t the best. Just check out our match #29, we were scoring the most points but our partners weren’t. They finished ranked 26 and 39. There is always next year! We celebrated at the pearl on friday before getting bummed out yesterday.

LaCrosse is kinda unique, just check out the car we saw coming back from burger king. https://www.reddit.com/r/Shitty_Car_Mods/
It is the post “I thought it was a huge bike rack.” Very unique. Also, here is a fun google maps comparison:

close enough to the post.
Now it’s time to do homework I missed!

Thanks for cheering us on.(even if I’m the only one who knows.:upside_down_face:)

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