Why model is moving in the AR

When I placed model after results observable is called first time after i moved camera model is also moving little bit with jerk

Without knowing what you are doing, it’s always hard to answer. In general, it depends very much on your device’s tracking capabilities. And should probably be better if you are using anchors instead of placing the object in the returned position, as anchors will be tracked by the AR system and will continue updating their position based on changes in the scene.

Did you enable WebXRAnchorSystem?

import { WebXRAnchorSystem, ... } from '@babylonjs/core';

const xr = await scene.createDefaultXRExperienceAsync({
  uiOptions: {
      sessionMode: 'immersive-ar'
  // optionalFeatures: true,

const fm = xr.baseExperience.featuresManager;
// enable other features...
const anchors = fm.enableFeature(WebXRAnchorSystem, 'latest');
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Yes, but you also need to use it and attach to the anchor

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But I see anchors are not enabled in all the browsers

AFAIK it’s available on all AR-enabled browsers (chrome/android, edge) - XRAnchor - Web APIs | MDN and not behind a flag. So - ready to use when using WebXR