Why no scene.getTextureByName() method?

Just curious why there’s no scene.getTextureByName() when we have getMaterialByName(), getSoundByName(), getMeshByName() etc?

I figure there’s a good reason for this. I just can’t think what it is :slight_smile:

Is Texture a construct anywhere in babylon? I can only recall ever working with materials I think.
I think i might use textureName for the file location. Not sure.

Okay I just looked it up, yeah it is a thing. So my best guess is that it isn’t something maybe that is relevant somehow to realtime manipulation. Like so by the time it matters in realtime it is already part of a material ready to be plastered on some geometry or something?

It just seems like something you would hold closer to your heart than having exposed to a realtime rendering environment perhaps.

Well mostly because we did not do it :slight_smile: All good if you want to send a PR to add it