Why the particles is blocked by sphere with nm?

nm:Babylon.js Playground
We can see that the particles is blocked by the sphere with nm that i create.If we change the sphere material as pbr material or others.It shows normally.

I find that sphere with standardMaterial that set material alpha < 1.Then it shows not like alpha = 1.

Your particles are rendered together with other transparent objects, like your sphere, as long as it has an alpha value below 1.
You could change the renderingGroupId of the particle system to be rendered after the other objects. You also need to change the grounds renderingGroupId in that case, otherwise the particles are always on top of the ground.

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I know that we can set renderingGroupId to resolve it.
I want to know that why it do not render before the sphere.If it render according to depth.The particles should be before the sphere but not behind the sphere.
If it cause by the transparency rendering order?

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Hello @Aze just checking in if you still have questions?

Yes,i want to know that if it caused by transparent render.

Yep that’s right, if you check the webgl calls with spector, you can see that the particles are drawn before the sphere, as both are on the “transparent” rendering group:

When the spheres uses a different material, it’s put on the opaque group so it’s drawn before the particles:


Thanks for your deep reply!

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