Will the babylon native have a release date?

Is there a plan about the release?

And what is the goal of this project? Will it be a full feature project like babylon.js?

Thank you!

Welcome aboard!

Pinging @bghgary

I’m assuming you are looking for a stable version. Not at the moment. We are currently driven by our partners. We have a preview version for Babylon React Native that is relatively stable, but we currently don’t have an ETA for a stable version of Babylon Native yet.

Does this help? Babylon.js: Powerful, Beautiful, Simple, Open - Web-Based 3D At Its Best If not, can you explain more specifically what you want to know?

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you are asking. The intention is that it will support everything that Babylon.js supports except for anything that requires HTML. Does this help?

Thanks. This helps a lot!

I think Babylon Native is a great idea. And I am just worry about it will be a demo or be abandoned in the future.

Good luck!

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That’s not gonna happen :slight_smile: