Wingnut and Blender 2.82

A while back, I found this playground created by Mr. @Wingnut, I believe. - and it has driven me mad ever since. Done with just an array of 5 points - spectacular.

So, it drove me to see if I could create something with Blender - and continue on my slow learning process of the new version of Blender with all its idiosyncrasies**.

So here is my example using something from Blender and two lines of code I stole from Wingy’s example.

Now if I can just figure out the animation code he uses …

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

** With Blender, it used to be that selecting a row/ring of vertices used to be Alt + Click, but in Blender 2.81, it went to Double LClick, then in 2.82 it is back to Alt+Click. I go slowly mad :roll_eyes:


I am using 2.81a, and alt- left click selects edges when in edge edit mode. I am not often in vertex edit mode, but I just tried it & it works for me. Did you say you wanted ‘Legacy mouse stuff’?

Liked how wall is glowing too. Is this PBR?

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I think I must have bad luck with the new versions of Blender I download!!

2.80 - Import/Export of glTF all screwed up
2.81 - the vertices loops Double LClick
2.82 - vertices loops Alt+LClick

They seem to be churning stuff out very fast - maybe it is because of the money flowing to Blender Foundation.

Yes, I did export as PBR, but the glowing wall is a fake - just done by texture baking.

I got the original idea from @Wingnut and this Blender video

It would be nice if you could export a group of vertices that had no faces with the text stuff

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Too bad it is fake, blinking would be really cool.

@JCPalmer : Well who knows where I will take it - but blinking would be cool, or part of the neon kind of semi-broken.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile: