My humble submission to a hackathon

Hi there!

So like few years ago I had this idea to create a game, where the artists (players) can create their own skins for games. Instead how it’s done today - that the studios release their own skins.

This idea has few problems tho… that maybe, just maybe can be solved with blockchain - but I’m not 100% sure about that. And note that I’m not too crazy about crypto - it was meant to deliver solutions. And so far it creates more problems then solutions… but anyhoo…

There was this hackathon I decided to take a part in. And here’s my submission video.

I decided to use Babylon.js just because it’s sth new to me, I could learn a lot (I’m not a programmer on a daily basis) and it seams to have much better support for webGL then Unity.

The deadline is today and ofcourse I’m going to keep working on top what I’ve build. However I decided to share anyways. It’s a very, very humble submission.

Cheers! :blush:


Hey this is super great! congrats!!!

Hope you are going to win :smiley:


Love this idea! Always loved games like Minecraft that enabled the community to build skins and other content. The demo looks pretty slick already, don’t sell yourself short :slight_smile:


Very cool submission! Fingers crossed you win :crossed_fingers:

I feel having features like this that allow the community to participate in a game always make it better :smiley:


Go for it bro, go!!!

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Wow, thanks guys for kind words :blush:

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Any news buddy?

Well they have plenty of submissions to go through. The winners should be announced on the 14th. I don’t think anyone seen my submission yet, as I can see nobody new interacted with the app yet.

In the mean time I’m redoing the whole thing from the scratch with TypeScript. Now I can focus on ‘mmo’ part of the game - to have it run on a server, so that many players can move around the scene :smile:

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What are your plans on the communication layer? I’ve created one for my game using Eclipse Mosquito. There is a Docker container for it as well and works really good and the performance is lighting fast. So if you didn’t opt for one yet, I can really recommend it.

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Thanks @roland, will check that out for sure. Because I don’t have any ideas for communication yet.

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