Wrapping a property for making a BJS-Native plugin

I am still in the mock phase for a Webaudio plugin. In WebAudio there are many AudioNode subclasses. I see many examples of calling functions, but not any places getting or setting properties.

Example, there is an AnalyserNode. It has properties, AnalyserNode - Web APIs | MDN : fftSize, frequencyBitCount (getter only), minDecibels, maxDecibels, & smoothingTimeConstant.

If it is not a function, how do you define it in c++?

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Many ways to do it.
For simple values, you can use Napi instanceValue:

For values coming from C++, use instanceAccessor:

if the setter is nullptr then it’s a readonly value.

Also, you can find implementation ‘almost’ everywhere in the repo for Setter/Getter. Like this one:

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This is documented here as well, though some of it is node-specific which can be ignored.

nodejs/node-addon-api: Module for using N-API from C++ (github.com)

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