Create More Advanced Audio Wrapping


The Sound class is great, but it could be made much easier to use.

I would like the sound class to be like Web-Audio-DAW.

This makes dealing with sound 1000 times easier than using the Web Audio API directly.

There are many libraries that make working with the Web Audio API easier to use, such as:

HowlerJS, Waud, Tone.js, and many other libraries all make dealing with Web Audio much easier. Web-Audio-DAW is hands down the best, in my opinion though.

The existing constructor of: new Sound(name: string, urlOrArrayBuffer: any, scene: Scene, readyToPlayCallback?: Nullable, options?: any)

Is great, the options object should just be expanded to include what web-audio-DAW has, like filters, oscillators, possibly Tuna effects, and one should be able to create polysounds.

If you are motivated to help, I will gladly merge related PR

OK, I need to learn Babylon much better. but frankly, I’ll probably just use Web-Audio-DAW for now, as it has exactly what I need. I will probably end up figuring out how to connect web-audio-DAW to Babylon before doing any kind of other work.

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Note, that Web-Audio_DAW already supports audio sprites, which is what this post requested.

I added support for Audio sprites in the latest nightly :slight_smile: