Wrong link in API

The see link here:

should be(?):

Sorry don’t have time for a PR. Thanks!

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Adding @PirateJC

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I ll fix it in the next nightly as it is a tiny code change.


Hey @sebavan !
I was trying to create a PR for this but after a while I gave up and reported it, because this link can be changed only in the API source itself and I don’t have a setup for that yet and was in a rush to check all the requirements for API changes thoroughly. Is it as easy for such tiny changes as edit, test by myself (if there is somewhat to test), create pr or do I need to run some tests before locally? Validation tests | Babylon.js Documentation

For this one, as it is just a comment to change, you do not need to run anything but nw, I did the change and will push it in the next nightly