How to switch VR to 2D view

Hello, community!

I introduce a tips for a sample code of switching VR to 2D view in Babylon.js.

As long as I know, there is a sample code of switching 2D to VR, but not vice versa.

It’s a simple, but I’ll glad if it is useful for someone.

If my post is not at appropriate category, please tell me.

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Nope this is super useful.
Asking @trevordev to review as this should go to the documentation

I’m glad to hear your comment!

Let me contribute the documentation. If I can, should I do PR at some document in the following folder?

Cool @Limes2018,

Yeah you could create a PR there or here Documentation/ at 1c1e334b0b5ebf331880ce2c60135769452ff220 · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub

Wherever you feel it belongs is good :slight_smile:

Thanks @trevordev ,
I’ll send pull request at the file soon :slight_smile: