Zero touch response on ipad 7 2019 (I did all the known solutions)

Perfect !!! I am deploying a nightly, you should be able to test in incognito window (to be sure of the cache) in safari on the default playground in 30 minutes.

All done you should be able to try now and let me know (incognito window in default playground) ?

great news , there is touch!

rotation works perfect.

Something to ponder still…

Using desktop, on the default PG you cant zoom or pan … only rotate.

Using IPad, on the default PG rotate is all good by if you put two fingers down to either pan or zoom the camera jumps around. seems like a massive movement followed by a small movement, rinse and repeat. like it it jumping away and trying to jump back into place.

So looking at this, and knowing the desktop does not permit zoom or pan , this could be unwanted behaviour?

Anyway , touch is working , thanks so much. I wont dive into the issue now since my project uses an arc camera , when the fix is live I will test pan and zoom and let you know.

(I am aware there are properties for both these to control detla and sensibilities etc ) I actually already noticed the pinch was way to strong in mine, so I will adjust it.

thanks again

@shaderbytes what desktop paltform ???

Win 10 64bit

Chrome Version 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

url :

results :

left , middle(mouse wheel press ) and right mouse button all only rotate.

mouse wheel rotate : no scroll

actually it is normal with the default camera and not a device issue. You could chose another type of camera for this ?

zoom pan is done through keyboard arrows in free camera

yes , i dont want to side track you , i do use a different camera , and my observation was not about desktop … it was that on mobile , using htis same default PG scene…

if you put two fingers down and make even a smidgen of movement … the camera jumps around like crazy.

Again not related so sorry , just thought to point it out.

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no problem you have been of a great help to address this issue :slight_smile: please keep em coming like this as everybody benefit from the fixes !!!


Hi @sebavan ,
I have a very similar issue, so I thought of posting in the same thread, let me know if I should instead open a new one.

I am experiencing no rotation with ArcRotateCamera (but probably the problem isn’t camera type specific), using Iphone7 IOS12 .
I know from a fact that Iphone7 with IOS14 works, and Iphone8 with IOS13 works too.

Looking at your first PG getting mouse and no rotation seem highly correlated.

Is there any chance you could have a look at that?
Let me know if I can give you more info. I am using BrowserStack for my tests as I don’t actually own an Iphone.

Thank you

should anybody have the same issue

that is in the docs :wink:

oh my God, was it already in the docs??

it was already in the docs… :sob:

kinda glad that at least I came to the same conclusion… very less glad that I wasted valuable time.
note to self, read the damn documentation!

Ouchhhhhh I completely missed your previous ping back :frowning: please in this case do not hesitate to ping me again :frowning: I feel so bad about it but at least the doc helps

haha :joy: :pensive: