Status of safari and firefox mobile touch inputs?

Hey I was just able to test my project on an apple phone and noticed the camera doesnt respond to touch movements (not surprised). I intercept touch input a bit, so im not sure if it is just my app and the bjs camera inputs work for other people?

I know there have been various work-arounds in the past to make iphone touch input work correctly, but afaik they have patched out any attempts to enforce correct behavior, instead prioritizing that worthless bounce behavior.

Am I missing some trick or is safari still just an IE-tier browser?

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Hey, did you add pep.js to your page ? It should works on Safari

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The main problem with Safari is…iOS :rofl:

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Hey thanks @sharp I took PEP out when it didnt fix firefox mobile, I’ll have to throw it back in there and try again for applecrap.


Not to be discriminatory.

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I’ve heard this one saying about phones.

Apple treats users like consumers and
Android treats users like developers.

To unlock developer mode on and android device you just have to tap the kernel version 10 times!:upside_down_face:

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Apple also treats developers like consumers :orangutan: :joy:


Maybe that’s why the took away the 3d app logos, they were to advanced! :rofl:

sorry @withADoveInOneHand for having this post house apple roasts

Ive been following PWA for like 7 years so ive seen them work fine then be maliciously broken by apple 3 or 4 times

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oh snap. suspected as much, the confirm is nice.

is it worth it to support safari ios?

Or too many bugs?

need to run a test …

Theyre just coming around in their own due time, when that metalesque 3d web API matures (i forget the name, i just know them babylon boys are on top of it) they will jump in, that’s their best hand to stay in the game I guess.

Just annoying that it would work back at least to the white phone 5 if they would let it. The decrepit app store still turns mad profit though.

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3DWeb is PWA.


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WebGPU it was. They already seceded the i prefix for participation.

Finally able to test touch on Safari iPhone iOS - touch is working on rotation cam- and other things.

But - iOS has rendering differences for both chrome and safari - that are no where else.

Confirm: differences are at iOS level not browser - gr8.

One TIP:

    -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; /*disable ios screen drag refresh behavior on touch*/

Nice tip; that is with or without PEP that it is working?

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good question. looking…

<script src="../lib/babylon/hand.min-1.2.js"></script>
<script src="../lib/babylon/babylon.3.0.2-alpha.max.js"></script> 
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Ah, deltakosh’s own, with a <30k footprint

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we tried to upgrade (1st quarter) but had a migration issue,
tracked it down… (the nice new meshBuilder syntax (and some other things))
but found it after time ran out. So, going to prod with 3.0.2 (I am partial to that version).

Hand.js, yes.

: ]

Oh, I never typically upgrade other than for blatant security violations. Was a breath of fresh air to just bump bjs to 4.0x with no issues XD

We’ll have to collab, i almost got a game on my hands

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