zOffset and wireframe meshes


this post is half question half bug report:

In the babylon inspector, there’s a code for “rendering wireframe over mesh”.
In this code, there’s a line that sets the material zOffset to 1.

So my question/bug report is:
I think this setting does absolutely nothing. As far as I know, the zOffset just gets propagated into the glPolygonOffset and I think it does nothing when rendering lines.

If I’m right, then it would be a good idea to remove it, so it doesn’t confuse people who read it (like myself :slight_smile: )
If you guys agree, I can make a PR.

I found some old forum post where it seems like setting the wireframe material offset really helped someone when rendering wireframe over mesh, which I am really confused about, because it does nothing for me HTML5 Game Devs Forum - HTML5GameDevs.com

I managed to achieve what I needed (rendering wireframe over mesh without z-fighting) by using negative zOffset on the triangle mesh (not the wireframe one).

The zOffset does nothing when using line rendering, so a PR is welcome to remove it!