2D projections and 3D view with the same model

Hello to all,

I am developing a web application for Computer Aided Design (CAD) in the field of construction.

We have already made a plan view of the object we want to sell with our software. For this view, we used PaperJS(A 2D library).

We were about to start the section view, and the product owner asked us if it was possible to make the 3D view and the section view at the same time.

That is to say, create a 3D model as for this part for example :

and draw a 2D projection with dimensions, like here:

We looked for an example of babylon js that did this, but we didn’t find it, we search with the keywords “sectional view”, “orthographic projection”, “with dimensions”, but we didn’t find anything, maybe Babylon.js doesn’t offer this functionality, especially since it looks complicated to set up.

Thanks for your attention, and take care of yourself

image source : allaboutcad.com/3d-model-in-autocad-using-revolve-3d-tool

how are you
let me show a example

GeometryBuilder can handle you wanted request but that is not full documented yet
if you want limited product i can help for make that