Geometry builder animation

GeometryBuilder + Animation

Full size model + material without diffuse textures and any reflection textures = (20 KB)


This is NICE !!!

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Very impressive!

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nice project

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all is GeometryBuilder + ShaderBuilder Result

in my team’s workflow we don’t use 3d models application for make geometry and models
so we need the tools for create Geometry then i make GeometryBuilder (started in 2016)

the reason of that is we need flexible model in our first project requirements

generated in 130 kb full well with real scale of geology and models full parameterize

our models size is less than 200 kb but in that project e use texture and materials
so the final size is 10 mb

  1. geometrybuilder is independent tools that can make geometry without any engine
    the first version (base version) of geometry submit as a BABYLONJS extensions
    that let you programming until your model was creating also you can do any thin instance and UV management
    the best option is you can make parameterize model with math so you have very flexible model in extra small size script
    the other point is you don’t work on vertex point you can use path or rim …

the animation part will stated
i try attach some attribute on geometry elements (rim or point ) so we can animate that without rig or bones

in this sample i try attach animation manager on the geometry

  1. shader builder is a tools of BABYLONJS extensions too
    it is full supported shader Builder

they are both is advance programmer tools

you can see the

that is result of GB & SB