Babylonjs and 2D

Hi everybody,

I’m new on this forum and I hope to be in the right place.
I’m working on a migration from winform desktop app project to web app project (angular).
There’re many graphic’s forms, just 2D, but there’re a lot of shapes.
Now, with a propretary 2D engine, we can draw any shapes, zoom, drag and pan, without any particular difficulties. Also we can have more than 500k shapes in the model with a good performance.

Can I do something similar with babylon?

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Hi! Welcome to the forum. You’ve come to the right place :slight_smile:

Babylon.js is primarily a 3D engine, but it can be used for “2.5D” applications. For example, you might have flat “cards” that need to travel away from or towards the screen. Babylon would be a good choice for this type of app. There are definitely optimizations that you can use to get hundreds of thousands of shapes on screen.

Babylon also has a powerful GUI extension which is documented here. The 5.0 release of Babylon will include a GUI editor which might be useful for your project.

If your app is truly exclusively 2D, you may want to look into 2D web rendering solutions. PixiJS is a mature project with a large community. There are many frameworks out there on the web, I would recommend looking into a few.

Could you describe your app in a bit more detail? (For ex., providing screenshots.) That might help us evaluate if Babylon is a good fit.