3D 180 SBS PHOTOS (half-width and full-width)

There are (at least) two ways of creating a side-by-side 3D 180 photo: half-width and full-width. I have both.

Using the photoDome, with halfDome and MODE_SIDEBYSIDE, Babylon seems to assume the original is half-width, because my full width photo looks like it has been stretched by a factor of two (It turns cars into stretch-limousines.)

Half-width is obviously compressed, so I would rather use full width photos. I would actually like to use both kinds without needing to pre-process one type to the other. Is there a parameter to allow the photos to be treated as either full-width or half width?

I would like to avoid stretching a full-width photo and then scaling it back down, so if I have to choose, I think I would prefer that the system defaults to full-width photos being used directly, and half-width photos needing to be pre-expanded to full width manually before using.

(Although uncommon, it is possible to have left and right photos with other compression – another reason to prefer no expansion to an x2 expansion if only one choice is possible. The best would be for a scale option in the constructor, that scales the image in the x-axis before it is placed in the dome, defaulting to no scaling. It is not clear to me if there are any “scaling…” operations available to my code after the dome is defined, or if they could work this way, without stretching – then compressing --full-width SBS photos.)

There is currently no option to do that. But it can be added to the TextureDome (which is the base class for the photodome). If you want to work on that we will be more than happy to merge your PR, otherwise you can submit an issue on github and we will take care of that when we have the time.