Display of 180 mono videos on the the VideoDome does not display as expected

Hey, I know there was support added on the video dome to support VR 180 side by side stereoscopic. On the video dome props, you can both specify the videoMode (mono, stereo LR, TB) and the halfDomeMode (true/false). I was kind of expecting that if you set the videoMode to mono and the halfDomeMode: true, you would be able to correctly display a 180 mono video on half of the dome.

What I am getting instead is that half the dome is covered (expected) but only half of the 180 video is being displayed, and it is stretched as if the whole video was extended through the 360 surface and then half was covered.

From the documentation (How to do 360 Video - Babylon.js Documentation), it doesn’t specify anything about 180 mono videos not being supported.

I opened a topic on April around this as I was implementing the VR 180 stereo (How to properly display 180 videos on the VideoDome), but thought that a new topic was worth to point this out.

Here is a link to a 180 mono video, in case you need one for testing.

Hey @jocravio,

Sorry for the late reply, was away for the week!

I have to say that by quickly looking at the code I don’t know why we don’t support mono 180, and will be happy to investigate further when I have a few cycles. Want to create a github issue for that? You can link this page so we can keep track of the conversation and progress.

Thanks, just opened the bug:

Let me know if you need any help. I provided a video that can be tested on.

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@RaananW thanks for the fix, I just verified and everything is working fine. I know this fix came out on 4.2.0-alpha.27 package. Is there a reason why this package wasn’t published, or is it ok for us to pull that.

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It has been released as a preview version and actually alpha 30 is already available for the latest and greatest :slight_smile:

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