Need advice about making an interactive virtual tour with babylon

Hello dear forum users :smile:

I aksed this question in Reddit and I have been told that i can get much help here because the community is very friendly.

I want to know the best ways to make a virtual tour and if Babylon.JS is the best library for it.

Here are the requirements:
-The tour will be in a scientific facility/factory
-there will be multiple rooms
-there has to be interest ponts, you click on a michine and you get some informations

what would be the best approach if :

  • I have access to the facility (Making 3D models using a camera)
  • I have no access to the facility (Making 3D models using Blender or something similar)

what are the things that i must take into consieration ?
I never tried anything similar and we have 0 experience on the topic, every informations will be valuable.

I m using MERN stack in the web app (Mongo, Express, React, Node)

Looking forward for your replies :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

I can’t help much as I don’t have experience with virtual tours, but you can certainly do that with Babylon. Others have done:

and likely some others.