3D fluid Simulation (Shake your phone to shake fluid)

Wrote a Fluid simulator using the SPS system.

This fluid system responds to the Orientation of any Smartphone so try tilting or shaking your mobile device while running the live demo:

Live Link: https://www.hiteshsahu.com/FluidSimulation


:slight_smile: Controls are pretty simple

  • You can Play/pause/ Restart & change the Speed of Simulation.
  • You can play with fluid properties like Interaction distance, Density, and Viscoelasticity of fluid.
  • You can also play with Gravity along the X and Y-axis.
  • Last but not least you can change the appearance of fluids eg color, glow, alpha, etc.

excellent !!!

I love it!! so fun!! I know that @sebavan wanted to dig into fluid for quite some times :slight_smile:

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This experiment is somehow inspired by Fluid Particles. 2 Years back when I saw this demo, I wanted to learn & do something similar. I was not so good with 3D then. Fast forward to now I made something similar. I hope somebody will get inspired to create 3D art from this demo just the way I got inspired by David li’s demo.

The calculations are in pure javaScript so a lot of improvements can be done to boost performance. Eg. do the calculation on a service-worker, use shaders, etc etc

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