Simul8r Project

Hi guys,

So this is a project I started few weeks ago. At first it was suppose to be a quickly made service where people can change some parameters of the fluid, send the simulation to the backend server and enjoy and watch their cool simulations :smile:

But the deeper I got into it, the more ideas I had. And current version only supports FLIP fluid simulations, but I will be adding support for RDB simulations (like destruction), grains, cloth and fire (not sure yet how to render a cool fire in Babylon yet tho…).

Currently I have plenty od time as I’m unemployed :sweat_smile: But I think the service will be ready somewhere around July-August. But this depends on many things. Also not sure how long the service will be available, as I need quite a decent machine for simulations in the backend - and that’s going to be expensive. But I’ll cover one, maybe two months costs of the server. But only if I manage to finally get a job! :rofl:

There’s still so much to be done… And of course scaling of the service will be difficult. Also there is no webpage yet, I will be getting a damain this week and I’ll add some main page with promotional videos, roadmap, etc…

Here’s a first promo video I made just in time for Babylon.js 6.0 Release Video: Community Submissions


looks great , how is babylon rendering this? what is returned from the server?

I was very lucky as the Fluid Renderer was added recently. So I’m using that. And that’s why also at first I focused on FLIP simulations.

Server returns the stream of data that’s just points, besically Vertex Buffers.

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Nice !!!

This is SO COOL I can watch fluid simulations all day it’s so fascinating :grin: @Evgeni_Popov 's Fluid Renderer is such a cool addition I had a lot of fun playing with it too!