3D GUI onPointerUpObservable does not fire on Linux/Chrome/Wayland

Using the basic 3d gui example playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#HJZBRG#0

Observed behavior:

  • hover effects do not show
  • button moves for pointer down, but never moves back
  • the panel orientation change that is supposed to occur on pointer up never happens

Here's a recording (sorry the mouse cursor doesn’t appear correctly with my screen recorder, but you can see each button get pressed and then get stuck)

I’ve isolated this to the specific combination of Chrome browser and Wayland desktop manager on my Ubuntu 20.04 system (i.e. works in Firefox with either desktop manager and it works in Chrome on Xorg). Another potential complication that I’m not able to isolate is that my laptop has a touchscreen (however the issue is the same for mouse & touch)

Babylon 2D GUI interactions work without issue - I only have trouble with 3D.

Adding our cross platform master @Cedric

I can try to repro later this week on Ubuntu. I’m pretty sure the pointer event is not the same for Wayland but it’s only a guess. Are you using webgl2?

Thanks. Yes I have Webgl2 enabled in chrome

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