3D Quickhull with Babylon

Hello there!

I’ve been building this as one of my assignments for my Computational Geometry class, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt sharing it here!


As the title states, it’s an implementation of the 3D Quickhull algorithm, both on some random point clouds constructed with the PointsCloudSystem, and with a predetermined “model” made out of convex shapes (which was a requirement from the class). In both cases, you just need to press the “Run Quickhull algorithm” button to build the convex hull from the set of points, and the “Show quickhull execution” one to see a simple animation of the hull forming! (which was my favourite part to do). The code is available here: GitHub - carolhmj/quickhull-3d: Implementation and visualization of the Quickhull 3D algorithm for the Computational Geometry discipline for any reference.

Thanks for reading!


Wow, this is so great!!

I didn’t dive into the code too much, just wondering - if someone wants to integrate this into their project (GPL 3.0 FTW! :-)), what would be the best way to do that? is the Quickhull3D class enough (of course while providing the other needed modules)?

The Quickhull3D class plus the accompanying Face and Half-Edge classes should be all that’s needed, along with Babylon. There is still a loooot that can be improved on the code, though! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! I am sure the community can benefit from your project. So much to learn :slight_smile:

Isn’t there always? :slight_smile: