Quickhull3D for BABYLON

Does someone happen to have a working version of Quickhull3D lying around that can be used in BABYLON.js?
I found one here but it is very hard for me to put the pieces together and it is made for Three.js so it turns out to be dependent on “gl-vec3”

should be rather straight forward porting it to the babylon vector3 math implementation.

I assume you mean this, right? mauriciopoppe/quickhull3d: Finds the convex hull of a finite set of 3d points (github.com)

Found some not running examples in the playground:
Playground search page | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)

@RaananW ,
It’s exactly that code that i am trying to stitch together. Installed Rollup now and looking how to use it now. Feels like i am back in C64 days (yes I am of that age! :sunglasses: )
I will probably get it done today and will post the result here.
Man, I am rusty :wink:

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@CodingCrusader ,
Those are most probably mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: