3ds max to gltf exporter2020 ; export canceled:startIndex cannot greater than string length

I have an error when I use the exporter tool to transform .max to .gltf ,the error message is "export cancelled:startIndex cannot greater than string length.–System ArgumentOutOfRangeExpection: startIndex cannot greater than string length.
I have search for this question but no proper solution, is there anyone had encountered this question?I really need a answer how to solve this or tell me where is wrong.

cc @PatrickRyan and @srzerbetto , would be great to have a repro ?

@enmornBblon, I will echo @sebavan that we will be happy to take a look and help you debug, but we would need a sample file where you are running into this error. If you can’t share publicly, a direct message to me will keep it private. From just the error message alone, we can’t decipher what may be going wrong. Thanks!

I’ve solved this problem ,and thanks your replay!

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