3dsMax 2020 Exporter

I am proud to announce that we have exporter support for 3dsMax 2020!

Special thanks to susares for leading the porting effort, and Jaskar for making a great installer GUI.

You can install this by unzipping the latest installer available here, under the “Assets” dropdown.

As a note, 3dsMax 2020 Update 2 is required to use the Max 2020 exporter, you can find more info on installation of the update here


Holly Molly !!! GG @Drigax, @Jaskar and susares (André Reschke) · GitHub !!!



Well done ! :smiley:

Thanks !

I installed it on 2020 but failed.
My MAX version is 2020.2
But the following warnings will appear
WARNING: Max2Babylon 2020 only supports 3dsMax 2020.2 or later. Earlier versions of 3dsMax WILL crash!
So what should I do?


Pinging @Drigax

@nick (nice name btw)

Did the install suceed? Thats just a warning to make sure you have the latest patch installed. You should see if the installation was successful from the log messages.


I have not succeeded, what should I do?


Can you please post the full logs?

I just re-installed it once, but I still didn’t see the feature, but he should have installed it successfully.
I don’t understand where the function is?


Looks like a successful install to me :slight_smile:

Have you tried using Max2Babylon yet?

This is my version of MAX,I can’t speak anymore, the new member only has 3 chances to speak.

Ok, I think I see what’s happening. @PatrickRyan ran into the same issue with our installer:

there’s a script we use for uninstall located in “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2020\scripts\Startup\BabylonCleanUp.ms” that allows us to remove the “Babylon” menu dropdown after we uninstall the plugin. However, if someone uninstalls, then reinstalls, the script doesn’t appear to self destruct. I’m not completely sure why.

But as a quick fix, if you delete that script, you should be able to see “Babylon” in your top drop down menu when you start the program again.

Sorry for the confusion

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I have been successful. Thank you very much.

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Thank you as well,

I created Max2Babylon installer should remove BabylonCleanup.ms from startup scripts on install · Issue #681 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub

to fix this issue for any other users that may run into this in the future. :slight_smile: