3DS Max 2020 - Which version works?

Does anyone know which previous version of Babylon exporter worked on 3DS Max 2020?

I had to reinstall 3DS Max but now Autodesk won’t grant me access to 2020.2, even though I had it installed before moving onto a perpetual licence.

ping @Drigax

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3ds Max version 2020.2 or later are supported.

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hi @Drigax I no longer have access to 2020.2 thanks to Autodesk. I only have 2020 now. Is there a version, even an old one, which works with 2020 ?

No. versions of 2020 prior to 2020.2 have a bug that causes our plugin to not load properly. Unfortunately, you’ll have to find some way to update to a later version of 3dsMax 2020.

@Drigax Unfortunately I don’t think there is one legally Thank you anyway.

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