3dsmax to babylon,have a cube background

in babylonjs have a cube background ,but 3dsmax have not.
I don’t want this cube background,how to do it?

Well we may need more info to help. Can you share your code? or the 3dsmax scene?

Do you use createDefaultEnvironment function? Looks like some wrong settings on it.
Few minutes ago I exported some objects from 3dsMax and it worked well.
More infos will help :slight_smile:

my code from this demo but use my 3dsmax.babylon file.
I think it is not code’s error,but new user can’t upload file,
how can i upload my 3dsmax scene?

new user can’t upload file

my 3dsmax scene

can you post the 3dmax.babylon file on a host fileshare somewhere?

I upload my 3dsmax into google driver

I’ll check it out after dinner here.

have no cube ,when i use my 3dsmax.babylon ,sence will have cube.
//var helper = scene.createDefaultEnvironment({
// enableGroundShadow: true
//helper.ground.position.y += 0.01;
i delete this code,cube will disable,why?

is it a cube then or the ground plane?
I do not have access to 3dmax, I would need the .babylon file that you are referring to.

What happens when you initiate the scene with the bare bones:
var createScene = function() {
var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);
var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera(“Camera”, -Math.PI / 2, Math.PI / 2, 12, BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene);
camera.attachControl(canvas, true);

    ...You Import mesh stuff ...
return scene;


Hello please create a repro in the playground
(Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MdDTJf3uRSDuDz7yNZcLONLP_o1-fdJs this zip have babylon file

@1113 then this is the issue, and not the exporter
createDefaultEnvironment is creating a box used as skybox of scene, and a ground.
You have few options

1.this will completly remove the box

var helper = scene.createDefaultEnvironment({
enableGroundShadow: true,
createSkybox: false

  1. this will make the box bigger, so it’ll look maybe like a real skybox

    var helper = scene.createDefaultEnvironment({
    enableGroundShadow: true,
    skyboxSize: 1000
  2. fix your camera radius, or if you have multiple cameras, make sure you are using the right camera as activeCamera.

If still doesn’t work then we definetly need a playground with your code :slight_smile:

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