4.0 Release Video - Community Contributions


Hey Everyone!

First let me say a quick hello. My name is Jason and this week, I joined the Babylon development team as an Evangelist. What does that mean? It means I get to focus on raising awareness of this incredible technology…and let me tell you…I could not be more excited!

One of the first things I’m working on is pulling together content for our upcoming Babylon 4.0 Release Video. This will be a video that highlights all of the amazing things everyone has been developing for 4.0!

This is where you come in! We want to focus part of this video on highlighting the amazing work that has been developed by you…the Babylon community!

Have you used Babylon to make something amazing recently? Have you contributed a feature since Oct? We want to showcase your work! If you’ve developed something and would be willing to create or share a demo of your work, we want to highlight it in the 4.0 Release Video.

Oh and btw…this video will be our official public announcement, that means this is a cool opportunity to have your work showcased to a pretty big audience!!! Of course, we can’t guarantee we’ll showcase everything, but we’ll certainly do our best!

Reply to this thread if you’re interested! Can’t wait to showcase your work!

And great to meet you all!


Shader Talk - Conversations on GLSL
Virtual Staging - Apartment configurator ; by Axeon Software
A online first person shooter game with BabylonJs

Welcome mate!!! So glad to have you with us in our little forum!


Hi, Jason,
Super excited for 4.0 and cannot wait to watch the video.:smiley:

More people should get to know Babylon, the tech and the community. Both are amazing!

Quick question: is there a timeline? When will the video be released and what is the time-window for submitting contents?


Hey @hcmetal!

Fantastic question. We’re releasing the video on 4/30/2019…That’s 4.0 day!!!

Our cutoff for submissions will be 4/22/2019. That should give people a solid chunk of time to pull stuff together!

Can’t wait to see what you create!!!



Thanks @PirateJC!
Marking the date on my calendar.


Welcome Home !!!


Welcome in the team :slight_smile:

You can get any of these demos BabylonJS demos if you need some short sequences in your clip.



LOL Amazing. Though you should probably use a picture of someone a little less scary if you want to be in the 4.0 vid! LOL.



Oh and it’s fantastic to meet you too!!!


Thanks @jerome!

Added to the list!!!


Hi PJC, welcome to the forum.

Are you (and/or this video) affiliated in any way… with any corporate or commercial endeavors?

What is the target audience and purpose of the video? Can you please give more details than “showcase”?



Hey @Wingnut,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

These are GREAT questions! Starting this week I joined the Babylon dev team full time at Microsoft. I work alongside @Deltakosh, @trevordev, @bghgary, @sbtron, @syntheticmagus, @sebavan, and @PatrickRyan.

Microsoft is super supportive of the product…so supportive of it in fact…that they fund an entire team to dedicate their time to it fully.

However, Babylon is and will always be free and Open Source!

And so…this video will not be used in any commercial way whatsoever. This video will simply be a visual tool for us to show off the latest additions to the technology and the fantastic contributions and creations from the community. That’s it. By the community, for the community!

The audience is anyone who’s interested in Babylon. Anyone at all.

I hope that adds some clarity.

We’ve done videos like this in the past as well. Here’s the last one that was made for the 3.3 release in Oct.

Babylon.js v3.3 is out!

Thanks a million for the great questions!


Very exciting, welcome!

As part of the outreach, will there be any meetups in the Seattle area?


@jhadenfeldt that’s a super fun idea!

I’ll throw out a poll to see who might be interested in a meetup. If we can get a decent turnout then we should totally do one!

Love that idea!

Added a poll: 4.0 Release Meetup Poll


That’s a great news for BJS :slight_smile:

Here some demos you may be interested, but it’s a little cheating as they are not necessary on BJS 4.0 beta :face_with_monocle: :


Sweet! Thanks for sharing these @Vinc3r. I’ve added them to the list!


Welcome @PirateJC. Glad there is there is an Evangelist on the team!
Looking forward to connecting with you!

3D Fun Examples - App using BabylonJS, Angular and Ionic

@drburton Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Excited to be here and connect with you as well!


Hi Jason, nice to meet you. May I know if there is any initiative now or in future to push forward grants/schemes that will use babylonjs for, say, game dev or VR/AR devs worldwide. I guess this question is targeted at the entire MS team in general. I’m asking, cos, locally we do have govt schemes for game dev but they usually come with lotsa strings attached. We also have the Unreal Engine dev game scheme for local indies and startups but I have no affinity towards unreal/unity/paid 3d game engines. Would be nice if babylonjs had some kind of roadmap that MS could push to users for fast adoption.