Babylon 7.0 Release Video - Community Submissions!

Happy New Year to this amazing community!

We’re hitting the ground running this year, prepping for the release of Babylon 7.0 which we’re aiming to release in late March!

That means it’s time to start the process of pulling together the Babylon 7.0 release video!

As in years past, the big annual release will be the biggest marketing moment of the year. We celebrate each release with a special “announcement video” for the new version of Babylon. We try our best to make these videos big, bold, and exciting and we want you to be a part of it!

Each one of you is an important part of this community and we like to take this moment once a year to show you how much we appreciate you and what you create with Babylon.js, by including some of your Babylon.js creations in the release video.

If you have made something with Babylon.js in the last year, then you can submit your creation to be considered by simply replying to this thread with a link to something you’ve made with Babylon.js.

The submission deadline is Feb 29th 2024!

Please note that due to the length of these videos (2-3 mins) and the number of submissions, we may not be able to include every submission in the video.

Check out our last few release videos to see where/how community submissions are featured!


Can we send short video captures, for example 5 or 10 seconds ?


Sure that totally works! Just make sure the video clips are 1920x1080.

Noted. This is the screen resolution I have 1920*1080

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Amazing, cannot wait to see what 7 brings

wow, 1920*1080, I need to record a new one of “Arriba”. :laughing:

I made a short video of just 10 seconds. is it okay like that ?



Hey @Dad72,

Resolution looks great!

This is not critical at all, but would it be possible to get a take that has a little less Loading screen in it? It might be nice to just have 10 seconds or so of the character in the world? Thoughts?

Keep in mind that the release video itself will have a LOT of dynamic cuts in it so chances to see more of the 3D content always works best if possible.

Just a thought.

@PirateJC I removed as much of the loading screen as possible.
The video is 7 seconds long. The link has been updated.

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Love it! Thank You!

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Where can I see the version 7.0 roadmap (features etc.)?

Here you are - 7.0 Milestone · GitHub


Hmm…this is a thought provoking question actually.

Let’s start with this:

Babylon.js/ at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

That’s a list of everything that has been developed since 6.0 was released. Though technically everything in this list is already live, we “advertise” all of the advancements as part of the 7.0 release.

Now that said, it doesn’t necessarily provide a great view of all of the things that are coming.

We’ll have to do a little more thinking about this. So many of the features that are developed for Babylon come from community suggestions/requests, that much of what is added to each version is reactionary in some way or another. We keep the community’s requests front and center of the development process. Beyond Github issues we do not have a great method of surfacing these requests as many are reactionary in nature.

However that said, we DO have some things that are longer term community requests. These might be things we know about months or even years in advance. I think it could be very compelling for us to think about surfacing some of these things to the community. I’m going to give that some more thought.

Thanks for the train of thought @ertugrulcetin

Or what @labris said!!! LOL


there is a project i am working now

npm i
npm start

I can make a video or you can launch it and record as you wish


This is the project I’ve been busy with recently, :dog: :dog:

and the newly integrated Havok physics engine is truly fantastic.

Thanks to the Babylon team for creating such a user-friendly game architecture,

greatly simplifying the integration work between the physics engine and WebGPU.

Sincere praise, and I hope that in the coming year,

the Babylon engine becomes even more user-friendly. Cheers! :smile:


Here is some footage I captured of my grass experiment with thin instancing (and compute shaders as well now ^^)

I can find the video before youtube encoding if it is better, and more footage can be recorded at Asset Scattering


Here’s a short clip taken from the Fast Beam Builder: bjs-submission-fastbeam.mp4 » Razmax Sendit

Original post: Another Fast Beam Builder - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (

Here’s a demo link if you would like to record your own clip. Thank you for your efforts BJS, @PirateJC !


I want my project to be part of this.

babylon-mmd is a project that allows you to load asset files handled by the 3D motion creation software MMD into Babylon.js.

The video shows several MMD assets (motion models) being loaded into Babylon.js and rendered in real-time in the browser.
The first 9 seconds are a short cut, and I’ve included the full video at the end just in case.

An encoded video file from the first 9 seconds.
You’ll have less to lose by downloading it via Google Drive.