A 'Did you know that…' serie of tweets to push the BJS GUI?

I cannot help but notice all the amazing changes made to the BJS GUI and the new editor and also the raising interest from users. :smiley: Not to mention the creativity of the devs making good use of the versatility of BJS and the BJS GUI. And (I guess you know by now :wink: I absolutely love this dynamic.

Only this week, we had this chatbox example (from a new user LOL), this animated grid, new fixes and improvements for mobile and the list goes just on and on at an increasing pace…

So, I was just wondering if it wouldn’t be a good idea to start creating a (may be weekly) serie of very short tweets featuring the BJS GUI and Editor?

Just an idea that came to my mind this morning. What are your thoughts? @PirateJC @carolhmj @Deltakosh


I really like the idea! :grin:

Funny we just discussed this with @Evgeni_Popov :slight_smile:

@PirateJC Do your magic :slight_smile:

I absolutely LOVE this idea!

@mawa - Any interest in helping come up with some content/examples for the tweets?


Sure. Can do. Would be odd to just hand it over and not be willing to make any effort. I do it enough for all the things I feel I’m not qualified :wink: One would need to review and amend my broken english though :thinking:

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Thanks All,

Glad you appreciate the idea and I shall hereby extend a little before may be switching and conforming to whatever other chanel Yours wish to use for further discussing this topic.

First and foremost, the reason why this idea came to my mind is because I strongly believe that UX/UI is a strong lever for engaging people. It can help build ‘trust’ and ‘strenghten the relation’ the same it can also ‘break it’. In a way (in my opinion), it’s the ‘banner’ of the digital culture for a company/brand/framework. I still remember back in 2012 or 2013, when Microsoft acquired Skype and originally had this odd idea and strategy of conforming it to MSN, short term. The result has been a disaster in terms of trust and loyalty from the users. Many took it as a treachery. Emotional feelings and disgust was extremely high. Here, I have to give credit to Microsoft, who has been able to detect this early in the process, listened to the community and next decided to roll-back, just a few months later. Something not many were willing to do at this time of all-power development of the GAFA(M)s and social media.

To me, being also a hardcore and an all-time gamer, UX and UI is like the salt, pepper and spices in a recipe. Every italian restaurant has pasta bolognese on the menu but the difference and the reason why you return to your favorite is only because of the UX/CX (the spices, the environment, the emotional bond). I believe BJS and the BJS GUI has its very own spices, recipe and environment. We shall use it as a lever to both engage new users and strengthen the bond with the existing ones.

After this small general introduction (my apologies for that :pleading_face:), here’s the base of my idea for this serie of tweets. I said ‘serie’ but I could have used the term of ‘story’.
My idea is to build this like a walkthrough or tutorial, highlighting at each step/episode the specific aspects of the BJS GUI. Same as when you enter a restaurant: We shall meet n’greet the customer, make him confortable, guide him to his table, present the menu, bring some bread and water and finally, highlight the specials of the day.

In other words, I would start with presenting the advancedDynamicTexture and its unique advantages (which are the first lines in the doc). Often, people are just looking for an alternative to what they know (or think they know) about a UI. People acquainted to creating UI with either html/css or unity are often looking for what they believe to be the fastest and easiest way. The unknown and learning new is often driving fear. Either at the very time of creating the UI, the budget and timing is already down to nearly zero or people are just fearing that they will not be able to maintain and/or master it (in due time and budget).
I remember also when I first started learning about the BJS GUI. For a long time, I simply focused on the FS mode. Only much later, I discovered of all the other ways to use the dynamicTexture (and I’m still learning :student:

Next, there’s the grid and containers. Also along with how you can manage your controls, dynamically, and right down to image processing and PP.

Then each and nearly every component/control, aside from it’s default, can be twisted and tweaked once you get a better understanding of it. And, members of the community and users are constantly pushing the limits in this aspect with some amazing (sometimes very simple) moves, you would never be able to do with another UI. All thanks to the versatility and open-to-creativity structure and methods of BJS.

Not to mention all the adjustements made for mobile :iphone: which is a pain (particularly iOS) and all what’s done for AR and VR…

Also, for me, the GUI Editor with its will of making the BJS GUI more accessible, easier to use for sketching and design thinking, is the outmost demonstration that yours are taking this seriously (and that I might not be typing just plain crap :wink: In fact, I foresee a bright future for the GUI Editor. Particularly, looking at all that has already been achieved in just so little time (of course, based on all the existing and as I say, a ‘mature’ framework). Still, very impressing (in my opinion).

In short, these are the aspects I would likely want to focus on to reach a target of new users (devs but also PMs, decision makers) while strenghtening the bond with already existing users.


I LOVE this thinking! Thanks for taking the charge on this @mawa!

Let’s team up on it. If you can drive the content side (the overall story and individual tweet content), I can help you with scheduling/releasing the content on the Babylon twitter account.


Good. I’m happy to help and honored to be able to contribute on this :smiley:. Give me the WE to synthetize, plan and gather some sources for the first steps/tweets and I shall come back to you shortly with a proposal. Thanks for your confidence and Meanwhile, have a great weekend :sunglasses: