A post-launch Version 6 Com campaign?


I guess the Team and the regular members of this forum know a little about my position and professional life.

I have seen the successful launch of version 6 (congrats again) which introduced yet another new (and huge!) ‘unique advantage’ with Havok physics; …Only adding to the other unique advantages also brought by MS, such as Frame, Azure or Bing (and then, many… many more).

I guess you also know of some of the reasons why I’m here; Why I’m willing to commit to BJS’ success and offer some of my free-time to try help this happen. It’s no secret: I’m fond of the BJS spirit, philosophy, people and approach to tech.

Though, part of me is still a business- and marketing-guy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. And this person feels we should try make the most out of the milestones and unique advantages when moving to a next step.

I do not have the numbers, but clearly the community and ‘adepts’ of BJS is growing (and growing exponentially since v.5). In my opinion, we need to continue and accelerate this growth to strengthen the position of ‘premium challenger’ of BJS on the market. The way I see it (my opinion only), with Havok and the other new features introduced in v6, we have an opportunity to drive more people, more new members, more adepts to ‘convert’ or ‘commit’ to Babylon.js.

Now, since the ‘Community’ is one of the pillars of BJS CX, I (as a member of this Community) wouldn’t mind being asked for a co-ordinated com op where within a given time, scope and ‘frame’ for the message, some of the influential members of the Community would post (on their favorite channel(s)) about the new (and older) unique advantages of BJS with the objective to drive new people to use the framework.

I imagine this cross-com op could also come with an event where new/recent members that have not yet posted the result of their work with BJS, would be offered an incentive for the best demo created with BJS in various categories (e-commerce, game, IoT, AR,…)

Just to make this clear: This thought and idea of mine is not for disrupting or challenging the com @BJS. Not at all. :pray:
I guess I just wanted to say,… if you Guys want to try maximize the retuns from the launch of v6, I (and I believe other members of the Community) are ready to commit and contribute.

Long live BJS and have (All) a great :sunglasses:


Totally agree

I believe that the community makes the development and expansion of BabylonJS very strong.

In my case, discovering BJS has been a great advance in my professional career, I worked for many years in the communication sector, post-production studios, music recording…

Since I became independent and set up my small business 8 years ago, I have focused on tools like Unreal Engine, Unity to expand my services and be more competitive, but as I said the other day in a post, more and more clients want developments of web-based apps for different reasons: avoiding the Store, accessibility from any device, offering improved experiences on their website…

Without a doubt, BabylonJS is making a great way in a world of mobile applications, interactive experiences, gaming… that is evolving rapidly and it just lacks that touch to make it “mainstream” among the developer community.

I have been thinking for a long time to resume my Youtube channel focused on development with BJS, I have 4,000 subscribers and I dealt with development issues in Unreal, Lumion or other applications for the architectural visualization sector.
Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time right now and I depend on my daily work, but I have it on my next roadmap.

In the meantime, I’m delighted to continue to be involved in our community and continue to support the development of BabylonJS.


While I’m not the brightest of programmers around here, I have to say that Babylon.js is just plain fun to program and watch as the program evolves. Even if the changes have to struggle with some problems at the beginning. There are many hands at work smoothing out all the bumps. It’s an honour to be part of a team like this.


cc @PirateJC and @thomlucc

I love that idea and you are right on everything you said: we are growing and we should do more coordinated communication :slight_smile:
I let @PirateJC or @thomlucc comment but for me this could done through several angles:

  • Having our influencers network to be part of our tweet campaign
  • Amplifying any social network activity (videos, TikTok, whatever)
  • Have a joint effort on specific topics( for instance, let’s do a coordinated week on physics, on the new grease lines, etc…)

From my past experience with aws (who are great at reach, imo), this sort of campaigns are best conducted thru annual conventions initiated by leaders in-person on-site. There are breakout sessions, invited speakers, tech dives, networking/collab opportunities, sponsors etc. Aws has huge budget set aside for it and the draw is tremendous.

Though bjs doesn’t have that kind of scale, MS has offices in so many countries that PR campaigns for product launches shouldn’t be a problem if they put their minds to it. I come from a small country but I would love to meet up with other users in the region to share experiences. Something along the lines that the Japan user group is doing or even more.


Yes, I’m with you on this. I also have some experience with this (for a different type of product, yet similar in the sense that it mostly relies on 1) dealer-dev (devs in this case) with strong engagement, little return and working with passion 2) a strong community of passionate people.
In this case, investing money in ads, tv-spots or whatever grand-public com/visibility is not an option.
Conventions/annual meetings/meet-ups (and workshops) are great and provide good return. It strengthens the bond between the teams and community, it allows to cherish and influence specialized press and journalists and to use all these participants to create visibility around the event without investing too much in this part.
But as you say, this all comes at a cost - a big cost (both in terms of budget and efforts). From my experience, it’s nearly a year’s work to prepare the next annual convention where you will want to sync your new product launch and annoucements, make sure the press and influential people will come to assist, prepare the teams for pre- and post- communication events and touchpoints and so on.
And then yes, best is to be able to work it with partners and sponsors to lower the costs and reach a larger audience. But then, this also means yet an additional effort.

I’m also not sure BJS is ready for this yet. It would be a bold move and would be impossible to make without a strong engagement from the management.

However, same as you, if this day and event would happen some day, I’d love to assist and meet with the people in person. It’s always a great moment where things happen, are pushed to the next level and alliances and commitment are done.

So, you noticed? :smile: Clearly, these Guys didn’t wait on us or the Team or the management :grin:
I guess a good time and opportunity to give credit to @Limes2018 and his people for their efforts and success in JP. You Guys rock :guitar::metal: and you should be an example :hugs: for all of us in the other regions :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:


Hi all, first of all thanks for your energy and enthusiasm, on top of your contributions to the forum and framework! All ideas are always welcome, so thanks for bringing this up @mawa! Here are some additional thoughts:

  • Breadth online activities, such as amplifying existing content or, even better, create and deliver more content (like your YouTube channel @DRLeria) is definitely impactful. One of the first reaction for learning is to search on Youtube, so the more content the better. There are so many things to show and teach. Even a video explaining a problem you faced, and how you fixed it, is valuable. Content sharing the architecture of a project you did is also very impactful, to help other developers come on-board.

  • Online and offline local communities, such as the one in Japan are very impactful too. This is less the breadth of developers, and more the local influencers. Meet-ups (physical or virtual) are great to meet new passionate community members, discover/share new projects and learn (I recently participated to a WebXR virtual meet-up in France to present Babylon.js 6.0 and it was a great experience). Wherever you live, we’ll be happy to support the creation of a Babylon.js meet-up (@Deltakosh did a video for the kick-off the Japan one last year for instance).


Hi great contributors,

I guess a good time and opportunity to give credit to @Limes2018 and his people for their efforts and success in JP.

I’m honored to be introduced in such wonderful topics!

Needless to say I love to expand and amplify the BJS community power and passion.

In the context to communication, online and offline event are so impactful.

(@Deltakosh did a video for the kick-off the Japan one last year for instance).

This gave a great impression to attendees in Japan. Such activity is so good!

This is just another example that if someone have opportunity to visit in Japan, we can immediately set a meetup and welcome to them as an invite speaker.

I sometimes want to meet with you guys via offline or online.

In the context to promotion, what @thomlucc posted makes sense.

Sorry for just writing my impression without concise. Again I love to contribute them!

@mawa and others.

I’ve been thinking about this thread over the past day and am really blown away by this community.

The very first version of Babylon was launched almost 10 years ago and WOW has time flown by. To think it’s now on version 6 and includes cutting edge web features like WebGPU and Havok!!!

Well I guess I can look at it all and just be amazed. Amazed at the journey, at the product, but more than anything amazed at the community.

I can speak for the entire core dev team @Deltakosh, @sebavan, @bghgary, @RaananW, @thomlucc, @PatrickRyan, @carolhmj, @docEdub, @srzerbetto and @PolygonalSun that we are all BLOWN AWAY by this community. Babylon is an incredible product thanks to these folks and MANY more contributors, but what truly has made this platform soar is the community.

Each person here plays a special role in making Babylon more powerful. It’s the role of teacher, friend, and fellow creator…it’s the role you play without even knowing it. It’s the role that brings people here and the role that transforms a passerby into a fellow teacher and friend.

The truth is that we can ALWAYS do more on the communication front, but I think many other people have said it much better than I.

The single best way to spread news about Babylon is not wait for permission. If you are passionate about Babylon, write a blog post about it, share about it with a friend, make a youtube video, hop on twitter or Linked In or whatever your favorite social space is and tell the world how much you love it.

I’m definitely not opposed to targeted communication plans, but word of mouth from thousands of individual voices is the single most powerful asset we have in sharing about this special platform and community.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be overjoyed to see everyone jump up at the same time and scream about how awesome Babylon is!

We know there’s more we can do to continue to spread the word about Babylon while we passionately continue to make it better and better.

We’ve got several ideas floating around our own heads and are planning to make progress on several of them this year.

That said…my single greatest piece of advice is…don’t wait. Don’t wait for someone else to carry the torch. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you it’s ok.

Here it loud and clear from me and the whole dev team. It’s OK! You have permission! You have the passion and you have EVERY right to spread the news about this platform as anyone.

@mawa - I’m continually blown away by your passion. You obviously stand out as a person who cares deeply about more people discovering Babylon and discovering this community. PLEASE know that you have our full support to spread the word as far and wide as you could possibly want about Babylon.

As for a specific targeted comms campaign for Babylon.js 6. I’m definitely not opposed to that at all.

To nudge that idea a little further I think mawa already said it best. Havok physics is HUGE. I can’t state that more emphatically. It’s a MASSIVE new advancement to the web and it’s built in specific collaboration to work perfectly with Babylon. If this community were to rally behind trying to make demos and experiments with Havok Physics and we were to get together around a shared hashtag of some sort. I think we could sing with a pretty loud collective voice. :wink:


I’ve got some stuff cooking btw @PirateJC . Your don’t wait message was the kick in the butt I needed. :smiling_face:


I’ve was on the insider dev tour held by the local MS office back in 2018, the scale was nowhere near aws’s. My country has a pop of 5M, the MS event floor was packed. There was no need for a convention center/sponsors/tv-ads/annual setup/fluff etc, it was an interesting single day session to introduce latest win10 features. Much of the schedule was one-sided, MS staff demoing stuff on stage. Interactions were good. My only gripe was that it was an intro to features in a product that is alr in circulation.

There were 2 key points I got from it:
a) If someone (non-MS affiliated) organized a meetup somewhere in the country, there wouldn’t be much interest. If MS broadcasted a meetup, the RSVP list explodes. If you come from a larger country with a higher dev/pop ratio, user driven quarterly meetup would certainly work.

b) feedback online =/= feedback irl… There is only so much text/virtual can do. When you start hearing user feedback in person, it puts stuff in perspective. Repeatedly telling the user the same help urls, when the doc is cryptic don’t work. When user asks why a feature in productX isn’t in productY, boom you get a revelation and a suddenly bloated todo list.

Exactly. The entry lvl is getting higher and higher psychologically. You wanna swing a prospective dev coming from softwareX to bjs? Don’t let them sit thru a half-hr YT video, chances are they’ll be snoring by minute 5. Let him/her wear the hololens and interact with the demo. By minute 5 and you’ve half convinced a dev.

Yes, these are exactly why users need tech breakout sessions for. Some have burning questions, some have use-cases which they are not sure if bjs can solve, some want implementations different from existing infra, some want to know if you have educators to demo at some education site, everyone’s needs are different and a blanket answer online in a forum is limiting. (for chris sakes, why is havok api driven only!?)

Sorry if I’m coming across as hawkish. As engineers all, I feel the pain and reluctance to engage directly with end-users. The growing diversity of use cases implies a larger subset of ‘dev needs’ to be addressed. I understand the pain of a small team on a shoestring budget which is why feedback is all the more impt. Hope it helps.


Well, fist of all EVERYONE let me tell you that same as @PirateJC I keep being amazed by all of you (and all of us TOGETHER) acting and engaging the way we do. Frankly, I hesitated quite a bit before making this post. Most companies don’t like ‘outsiders’ even from the community, even with a strong community to look into the com. It’s often a ‘red line’ you should not cross. Even when working as a consultant for the company, I found you have to be very careful with how far you push it. That’s even more true when working on very sensitive things such as CX (which deeply impacts not just the com, but also the management and the entire ecosystem). Reading answers from the higher management such as the ones above are both a ‘relief’ and a strong encouragement for me to try continue create some ‘emulation’ around this, beyond what we already do (or try to do) here every day.

@phaselock I can hear you and I also overal agree with most of what you said. From what I can read from you, it’s clear to me that you have worked your skills in softwares, both as dev/artist but also on the side of com/marketing excellence.

Yes, you are right, there’s not necessarly a need for the grand messe/annual convention. I guess this is also a com (and mostly managers) dream. Something like the ultimate demonstration of success/power. Who from the higher management and com team wouldn’t want to see their product come down from the skies on stage with an incredible lightshow and exhilarating music and broadcast worldwide the event where the speaker talks about the next ®evolution to come, saying something like ‘this is not an evolution, but a revolution for years to come…’

However, speaking about ‘maximizing’ the returns of any event or com-op, I can’t help myself from noticing a few things from your experience on this single day MS dev-tour event your mentionned (btw thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and feedback on this).
When I read you, in particular (extracts):

I can’t help but question myself, why just make it a ‘single day’ session? Why not just offer two nights at a hotel to some key participants and have them assist a workshop for one of their speciality/key feature?
I feel this is kind of waste of resources and efforts. Of course, my opinion only.

And then for All and @thomlucc and @PirateJC
Last but not least, there is this point I do not totally agree with. It’s about the ‘free for all’ kind’of message where everyone could start his event and com, without further guidelines and eventually without an official part/message.
Like I would tend to disagree with you @phaselock when you say

I think this is a tech approach to it that does not fully consider the way our human brain receives and stores information.

In fact, whether you believe you are influenced or not by the repetition of keywords and the form of the message, you are! That’s what branding is all about and, it works. Whether you like it or not. And then beyond that, there’s also a need for ‘consistency’ (and here I’m talking CX) to be able to rally people under your banner and generate trust. One of the very first reason why we commit here (all of us, with our different skills and coming from different horizons) is because we feel ‘safe’ and ‘at home’.

What would you say if by reading only the messages spread by the community, you would start to hear or read things that make you think (or fear) that BJS is switching approach, philosophy or ideology? I bet you would start becoming ‘suspicious’ and would start have a different look at your interactions and the responses you get. You wouldn’t feel ‘safe’ anymore, you would start loosing trust and loyalty. I know this may sound a bit extreme, but social media, on-line interactions and community (particularly when ‘community’ is a pilar of CX) is something very powerful and should be watched (and guided/orientated) very closely.

And it is! Anyone ever noticed the incredible amount of time the entire BJS team spents in this forum.
It’s both a philosophy and a choice for CX, but also an absolute necessity. Despite - or better said, precisely BECAUSE of - its openess, we cannot have things go ‘haywire’ and ‘free for all’. Again, my opinion only.

And this is all why (I’d slightly disagree with)

Yes, it’s great and encouraging to hear that BUT… I believe there should still be (in every major event or com op) a voice from the official. It’s ok that the community ‘plays’ with the rules of the BJS logo and uses its own words to communicate BUT, to make a ‘balance’, sustain the BJS philosophy and CX and ensure ‘Consistency’, there should always be an ‘official part’ to it. What form should this ‘official part’ take? In my opinion, it should take the form of ‘support’. Simply delivering ‘official content’ that will become key to whatever action of com is taken by the community. I know this is all kind of ‘high level’ stuff and may not speak to all of you. So, let me give you an example. Let’s speak Havok. Case: One/group in region wants to create a workshop/tech session or whatever on the subject of ‘Havok and BJS’. How will it present the relation between Havok and BJS? I did read somewhere, Havok is a ‘sister-company’ of BJS (I think it was from a manager, may be even you @Deltakosh). But you know what? Even managers sometimes use the wrong words when posting in forum. So, what is it? What can we really expect from this relation? The answer should come from ‘the official content’ delivered to the team or individual organizing the event as part of ‘the official support’ given by BJS to support the event. And in fine, this ‘support’ should also help ‘reassure’ the organisator for the legitimacy of the event and ease his efforts a little by providing ready to use content.

Again, my two cents only and again, I’m so glad to be able to discuss all this with ALL OF YOU freely. We are very lucky people being able to do this. We need to make sure it stays this way.
Have a great day EVERYONE :sunglasses:


Havok is owned by Microsoft and thus is a sister team to the Babylonjs core team

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Old but gold


Ah yes, great perspective indeed. I think we actually might be aligned here.

I fully understand that there is benefit from using “official” channels and having “official” support from the “management” as you put it. :wink: and I’m FULLY supportive of that.

In my mind, this thread is a reminder to help people realize a couple of key things:

  1. If you are passionate about Babylon and want to contribute to its success (technology or communication or any other way)…don’t wait for permission
  2. The core dev team will support you in whatever way we can. We can help advertise on the official twitter/Linked In accounts, we can update our website…etc…etc

If you’ve got a great idea, you don’t have to go at it alone!

This really comes down to making sure everyone in our community knows that they can come up with a great idea and execute on it with full support from the core dev team and the community.

The main difference here is resource. Because we are a smaller team, we do have to prioritize what we spend our time on…that means we won’t be able to take ownership or lead every project idea from the forum, but I really want to stress that the community doesn’t need to wait for permission to start spreading the word about Babylon!

If someone wants to step up and say “I’ve got an idea and here’s what I’m going to do! I’ll need some help from the core dev team in order to advertise it.”

We’ll be right there with you ready to shout the idea from the rooftops.

I hope this makes some sense?

Its was insider dev tour, which means you get non-techies and lotsa users who are not computer savvy. iirc, the showcase was the hololens. Then again, there weren’t enuff samples setup against the couple hundred strong crowd. Plus it was a first attempt for the local MS office. It was not a tech deep dive session, it was more the ‘meet the people’ session.

Does this mean that if I manage to schedule a local meetup for ‘intro to BabylonJS’, we can get access to local MS office space for hosting said event with refreshments and a local POC? I am getting sporadic pings of interest from my FB - that’s why I’m asking.

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Many thanks for your answer and the details. Helps making things clearer in my mind.

Sounds great. May I ask you where ‘local’ would be?
I’m asking because if you decide to move on and would eventually need a hand with this (for whatever part - and I’m not saying you can’t manage on your own - but rather that you could lower your efforts with getting some help, you know - here or there)…Well, I already like the idea and would be ready to put in a few hours of my time to help make this happen. Again, if needed.
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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I’m based in Singapore. The other local user I know is @tibotiber. I have no contacts on local react/Vue user groups as I’m more games affiliated. I’m not certain how large the interest group here is. V6 seems to have stirred some interest here (my guess is havok made people sit up).

You will run into this chicken and egg scenario: in order to schedule a meetup (regardless of whichever app you use), you need a venue! And you can’t get a venue in MS office if you are not MS staff. Which kinda doesn’t make sense cos I have to go hunt for a venue outside with laptop/projector/nearby refreshments etc for a product that is led by an MS group. :confounded:

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