A parameter to check collision on the inner side of mesh?

Dears, Dear fellow BJSers,

As some of you may already know, the collision system currently only checks the front of a mesh.
This is per design and in essence, to save performance. Fair enough, in my opinion :smiley:

Recently, I have posted again on this topic asking if, by any means, it would be possible to activate collision on both sides for a specific mesh.

In my case, I’m using some alpha blended capsule shapes for elevators and some other capsule shape-like meshes as a window. Nothing that cannot be worked with a duplicate or a dummy collider. In fact, I guess it would have taken me less time to just do it instead of posting (lazy me :wink:)

However, may be Yours have more complex scenarios where this ‘nice to have’ request would eventually make your day? :smiley:

If so, please state it here or simply like this post. Knowing that it would be quite a bit of work for the team to fullfil this request.

If we collect a number of ‘Yes, please’, we’ll consider opening a PR (for the future, likely after the release of v6).

Meanwhile, happy BJSying to you all and have a great day :sunglasses:

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This is an great idea. Already came to the point myself where I would need to add physics engine, because I want collision inside my space ships, i.e. smaller space ships moving in hangar or avatars. So yes please add this in future, v6 or v7 would be awesome!