Collision detection from inside a mesh

I’d like to bounce on this old topic I found in the forum when trying to understand why my collisions would not work from inside a mesh (i.e. a sphere, a cube, a capsule like shape). I did read the answer from @Deltakosh saying it’s by design and to save performance. Fair enough.

However, the solution of duplicating the mesh can be a bit of burdain when this mesh and the assembly is rather complex and imported (and/or merged or substracted).

Do yours believe that 3 years after this initial post, we could find a way to implement some parameter on a mesh collider to allow this mesh to have colliders on both sides? If not, I guess I will have to do it the ‘long way’. Or is there anything I missed or anything new to it?

Thanks and meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

cc @Cedric

I feel we could add a parameter to allow collision from the other side but let’s wait for Cedric to weight in :slight_smile:

Your answer already made my day (even if it never happens) :wink: Already considering my request makes me happy (and yes, I believe in some cases it could become a true advantage). I.E: Forgot to mention the case around alpha blended meshes in my initial post.

It’s not just a parameter to add, there is a bunch of code to change and test :smiley: . You can create an issue for this feature request. I’m not sure it can find its way in 6.0 but I encourage you to try to do a PR for that.

Thanks for your answer. I understand (and I thought so).
But then, from your answer, should I understand that you actually do think it would be a ‘nice to have’?
Thanks for taking the time and have a great day :sunglasses:

as long as it helps someone, then it’s good to have.