A place to capture beautiful images from a variety of editable 3D scenes

Hi everyone!

I have been working on a proof of concept website where you can capture images from a variety of editable 3D scenes. You can use these images freely to spice up your project :slight_smile:


Scenepick is in its early stages of development and I would highly appreciate your feedback.

I’m a UI / UX designer from nine to five, learning development in my spare time. Thanks to this community I was able to integrate Babylon.js in my project.

A lot of work went into making sure the selected colors are correctly represented in the 3D scene. This means that it is possible to customize a scene to perfectly match your brand’s color palette.

Next I will concentrate on designing the Beta version. The website still needs a proper database and a search engine. It also lacks a quick way for 3D artists to upload files.

I’m reaching the limits of what I’m able to achieve with my current programming skills, so let me know if any of you are interested in collaborating with me on upcoming features.

You can follow the project on Instagram and you can connect with me on Linkedin



That’s an amazing idea. It would really deserve to be worked, with more export features. Capturing 2k, 4k, cube maps, env maps… I know it would be a lot of work (and in the end, one could ask 'why not just download the 3d model/scene). But, in essence, admitting you would be able to capture a shot with just the right scaling, angle and cropping, would already be a huge advantage over just getting a picture (i believe your thinking started from there). So, I think this is really worth thinking over and improving. Of course, a lot of the potential success of the project will come from the source inputs. May be your next step (aside from tech) would be to gather a community of designers to create some of these sources we (PM and designers) are constantly looking for. Again, it’s really a good start and good thinking. Now, you’ll just need to bring it to the next level. Let me just put a like here and wish you GL with your project.

This looks pretty !!! well done !!! cc @PirateJC

@Levi_Berciu this is awesome! Well done!

I’d love to add this to the community page when you’re comfortable with us doing so?

Thanks @sebavan!

@PirateJC it would be an honor to be featured on the Babylon.js community page. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback @mawa! I will consider adding more export features in the next iteration. I feel like I have to run a few user tests to find out what would be the best direction for the project. I’m glad you think it’s a good start :slight_smile:

Should be live on the community page in the next few minutes!

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