Feedback on the Babylon JS editor v4 Beta

Hey Babylon JS team,
I am currently using the Babylon JS Editor V4 beta. I really like it so far. I have some feedback for improvements though.

  • Pre-made WebXR Components - So currently WebXR is taking off. The ability to iterate very quickly by having a series of ready to go WebXR components would be great to have for the editor.

  • Grid Snapping - Grid Snapping should be in power of two. Opposed to 1, 2, 4, 5, etc. like it is currently. This will have a more unified experience for editing levels.

  • Support for other image editors other than Photoshop. There are allot of image editors out there such as Affinity photo, MyPaint, GIMP, Paint dot net, etc. Being able to use them with the BabylonJS Editor directly would be really nice.

  • Being able to use the new Node based Shader Editor from the Babylon JS Editor would be really nice.

  • More template projects - Pretty self explanatory here. Things like a top down template and a First person WebXR template would be really nice to have.

Hello the editor is not done by the core team but by the brave @julien-moreau (by himself!!)


Hey @Mr_SquarePeg :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for all these feedbacks!

I’m creating the issues on the github to follow the development.

For the Node Materials, you can create one from the materials tab in “Assets”:

And then select “NodeMaterial” from the list:

As a feedback, I now moved the menus to be more explicit. Will be available in next beta build:


Thank you so much for doing this. Especially for making the github issues for this.

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it :slight_smile:

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No problems :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate if you any other feedback or bug report !

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