A question about Blender to Babylon.js exporter

I hope to use Blender’s command line on a Linux system to achieve model format conversion. I’d like to integrate the Blender to Babylon.js exporter plugin, but it seems this plugin does not support the command line interface. Is there any other way to meet my requirements?

Hello @hbwow123 , how are you doing? I will do some investigation to see if that is possible or not. However, the Babylon.js would only allow you to convert blender files to .babylon files, maybe you could convert them to .glb instead? I think that would be natively supported by Blender right?

thanks for your reply.I can use blender command tools to transfer other model format to gltf or glb format.
however,our platform can only analyze the model in babylon format. Although I have thought of some ways to convert the gltf format model to babylon format, I think it would be more convenient if the blender to babylonjs exporter plugin could support the command line conversion, but the current plugin seems to operate only based on the GUI.

In blender, I can add a plugin and if the plugin supports the command line call, I can write a python script to convert the other model format to the .babylon format, which is convenient. Of course, it can also be done in other ways now, which is more complicated.

Thanks for the explanation @hbwow123. Yes, I was able to verify that the current Blender plugin does not support command line call. Since the plugin is not currently been actively developed I don’t the Babylon team will be adding that functionality. However, most of the conversion logic seems to be done by json_exporter.py, so it might be easy to change the plugin to support a command line call to make the conversion.

Maybe someone from the community can contribute to the plugin and add that functionality. If someone does it we would be more than happy to accept a PR.