3ds Max / Maya call babylonjs exporter through script

Hello I am currently researching some automation options for converting models into .glb or .obj format.

I wonder if it is possible to access the babylonjs plugin exporter functionality via scripting in maya?

From what I understand it is possible in Maya aswell as 3ds Max to execute a script from the commandline.

Hello and welcome,

yep you can use MEL for that. But I would recommend using Blender if you can as it seems easier to control from command line

Oh i’ve already looked into blender, problem is we want to convert .ftl models (Open Flight) and blender stopped supporting that at version 2.46 and I have no idea how much work it is to update this addon to 2.8

Can I also do this in Maya with Python? Could you point me into right direction?

EDIT - Alright so I already have a script working to export as obj, but then I would need to load the texture externally on the model right? This is why I would like to use .glb/gltf as the exporter appears to already include the texture in the file itself.

EDIT - Ok I looked into the loadPlugin command and found the MEL script example here Exporters/exportScriptExemple.mel at master · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub