A texture for the Open Source Free Textures Library?

@ecoin : I was working in Blender3.x trying to sort some issues out and I ended up creating a “stone” texture. I thought it might be useful so I baked the texture out and took it into “Materialize” where I created :

  1. a height map
  2. a normal map
  3. a smoothness map
  4. an AO map

to add to the original diffusion map.

I used Materialize to make the map tilable - no obvious edges.

I created this simple playground to show some of the results :

Stone Texture Demo

The PG just shows one mesh - a sphere with the diffuse and normal map tiled twice around the object. Open the Inspector → Nodes and you will see two other meshes. Hide the sphere and view the plane - same texture tiled 5 times (I think?) You see the repetition but no obvious “edges”, so map tiling works…

Now hide the plane and view the “Asteroid” - a duplicate sphere to which I added a “displacement modifier” in Blender.driven by the height map I had created in Materialize.

All the textures are 2048 x 2048 pixels and are here in this file stone03.zip . I have included a “roughness” texture created by inverting the smoothness texture in GIMP.

What do you think? Add them to your library if you think they are OK.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:

Hi @gryff, I was experimenting with Materialize too, but one downside I found was that it does not pick up small details, like the 3mm seam in the large format tiles 600x600. So we ended up with a manual approach of creating templated maps for 600x600 x9 tiles with 3mm seams for different maps: normal, rough, ao, etc. We created many real world product textures this way, should be uploaded to the library soon.

I tried your stone file, but it didn’t look like stone for some reason (maybe of Gloss/Smooth workflow).

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@ecoin : well not “stone” in the sense of pebbles or small stones, or even stone walls. Perhaps more of a stone/rocky “planet”. That is why I created the "Asteroid"mesh. It was just the thought that came into my head as far as the name.

As for tiling and edge details - Materialize is overlapping and blending - so it will have an effect.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile: