A unique voxel engine


Haven’t been around for awhile, but I made a thing.


without looking at the code, what is unique about it? I was playing around and thought this might help a little with past projects.

EDIT: I guess I’ll just say it. This voxel engine doesn’t use any cubes, but instead planes(or “grounds”)


Good work @Givo on mobile after destroying a few cubes, or planes rather. It seems to freeze on me.

Galaxy s8+ chrome

Hmmm. It must be a bug. I really wasn’t meant for mobile, but I guess it works if it works. It might be the code trying to request pointer lock. I really don’t know

Yeah, unsure, every demo I see I test on mobile. Mainly 'cause I’m obsessed with webgl on mobiles :joy: probably dates back to trying to run runescape (java) on my phones back in the day.