About babylon 7.0

Is there any room for the person talking with his mouth moving in the 39-40 seconds of the video or is there anything different that I can experience?

Sorry but I’m not sure to get your ask:(

Can you elaborate ?

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Haha :joy: 'Need to decypher this first :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I believe what he’s saying is that in the launch video @sec 39 there’s a featuring of a guy with animations and an editor… but the guy has only a torso and there’s no background/environment.

So, to answer the question: Obviously, this featuring is just about the anim editor. But then, it’s pretty cool to create an editor to set-up your animations, isn’t it? Of course, as always, my opinion only :grin: Meanwhile, Guys, have a great Easter holiday :rabbit2: :sunglasses:

I’m amateur, sorry
In fact, at that second of the video, there is a man’s body and moving lips on the screen.
I thought that the image of a person speaking in real time was simultaneously animated in that scene.
I guess this thought is a little wrong.

By the way, the video I mentioned😇

I don’t know. It’s not mentioned. BUT there IS (at least) one member of the community who did this with babylon. The answers are even provided in real time by the AI (with lips sync). I’ll try post the link here for you later (if I can find it) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Do you seek this demo?
ChatGPT & 3d talking models - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com)

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yup, thanks. that was the one :hugs:

I see :slight_smile:
We provide all the animation layering and tools to make that demo possible (this is Microsoft Teams Mesh avatars on the video)

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