About Multi-views with VR

Hi my name is chai currently i am trying to create webvr that have minimap to tell which way i am looking in plan, right now when i try to use multiviews code on my vr scene after i add multicodeviews on my vr scene it broke the vr fuction can you plz tell me what wrong in my code (the code i use most of them are from pg)
thank you.
PS. English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.
here is my PG

Hi Ershin,

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I understand what you are trying to achieve - you want to have the map on the top side of the scene so that the user will continuously see where they are now. Multi-camera solution is wonderful for the desktop, but due to the way WebXR works (a single camera that holds the XR context and broadcasts directly to the HUD), it is not supported in XR. The solution in this case is to use a GUI element (for example) or a plane with the map on it in a single camera.

I will also recommend you to use WebXR and not WebVR, especially if you start a new project. WebVR is already removed from chrome. To read more about webxr:


To read about our GUI lib:


I hope this helps!

Hi RaananW thank you for the tip. i’ll give it a try. :smile:

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