About Privacy of the code in the Playground


I’m getting more and more interested in Babylon.js, testing days after days as many aspects as possible (Performance, Stability, Reliability, Loading Time, Custom Builds, etc…)

After modifying the source code, I had a try at the local playground like so :

npm run serve -w @tools/babylon-server
npm run serve -w @tools/playground

And then joining the local http://localhost:1338/ hosted playground.
Everything is working fine

After hitting CTRL+S I ended up with a http://localhost:1338/#SOMEID link.
I thought that the save would be internal, and I was surprised to discover that https://playground.babylonjs.com/#SOMEID was indeed serving the same code online. Meaning that even running locally the babylon-server, everything is sent online.

Is it intended ?

To clarify my question : of course I’m not against open-source, it’s the opposite, I love it :heart:
I’m just questioning the possibility of using the playground in a context where I would have to put in it some code which would be sensible in term of Intellectual Property, regarding a specific company. Just wondering if there is a way to work on the playground in a “private” mode.

cc @RaananW since I know you recently worked on the playground database indexing, maybe you will be able to provide more details :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

Yes totally. We allow it for simple dev inner loop.

You will be able to snip up your own snippet server at some point (@RaananW is working on it)

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You can already do it: