About the OIMO status

Hi all,

I would like to understand the state of the OIMO support in Babylon.

It seems that the recommended way is to use the oimo npm package which refer this (renamed) lo-th github repo not maintained since 6 years.

However, there is another npm package maintained by saharan which is more recent.

I tried it, but it seems that it’s not working with OimoPluginJS (to be confirmed).

Is there someone who knows the history behind this and the plan about the OIMO maintenance?

Thank you in advance!

As you noticed, Oimo hasn’t been developed for quite some time. We provide a version of oimo that works with babylon on our CDN (https://cdn.babylonjs.com/Oimo.js). Lo-th is currently working on a new physics engine, which seems promising. we will see what we do with physics very soon :slight_smile:


Very good! I would appreciate a lot to know more about this, as my project rely a lot on physics, and I’m stuck with the limitations of ammo and oimo.

I promise to keep you updated. Stay tuned :wink: