About very slow loading with 3MB glb file

I am using SceneLoader.ImportMesh() function to load some glb files.
And it takes about 4 seconds to load a 3MB glb file, so it’s about 12 seconds to load three 3MB glb files.
Is this a normal speed of loading?
How could I improve it if it is not normal?
Thank you so much!

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! It would be nice to see a Playground with your loading setup so we can get a better idea of what’s going on :slight_smile: There could be a lot of factors impacting your loading time such as network, texture size, etc, so without a look at the models and loading setup it’s harder to tell.


If you are loading the whole file, try Append. ImportMesh is primarilly to get just pieces. That requires checking that is un neccessary.

Hi and welcome to the community,
@carolhmj said it all (so I don’t know why I even bother posting except from welcoming you on behalf of the Community :wink:). A 3mb model in itself should load quickly. Still, it depends what these 3mb are made of. Of course, there’s the number of textures and materials. But it could also be the number of meshes and nodes. Loading 1500 meshes of 10k will take more time than loading 2 of 1.5mb.
To get a real feedback on this, we’re gonna have to be able to have a look it. Hence the playground.
Follow these instructions to load your model in a PG. Then, let us have the link to your playground and we can investigate further and hopefully provide proper answer.
Meanwhile, have a great day and again, welcome to our Community :sunglasses: